Fall and Spring Term Tuition:

Each students receives 16 private lessons and participates in an end-of-the-semester recital. Tuition is for enrollment (not attendance) and is non-refundable. When families choose to study at Lake Country Strings, they commit to an entire semester of lessons.

30 Minute Lessons*


45 Minute Lessons*


60 Minute Lessons*


*Includes music and materials fee


Summer Session Tuition:

Students are encouraged to continue their musical study throughout the summer months. Lessons are requested in 4-week sessions throughout the summer.

30 Minute Lessons


45 Minute Lessons


60 Minute Lessons


Monthly Group Classes:

Lake Country Strings offers monthly group classes during the academic year. Group classes reinforce skills taught in the private lessons and are not a substitute for private study. Students not taking private lessons through Lake Country Strings may participate in group classes.

45 Minute Group Class


What Tuition Includes

Time spent with the student:

  • This includes lessons, recital performances, etc.
Time in preparation for the student:
  • In order to enable a positive learning environment for students, preparation for each lesson is essential. Some of the elements that go into properly preparing for lessons includes lesson planning, searching for engaging repertoire, personal practice/preparation of pieces, development of curriculum, recital planning, bookkeeping, etc.
Teacher's training and experience:
Recital costs:
  • Recital planning, program printing, reception supplies, etc.
Professional organization memberships:
  • Lake Country Strings maintains memberships with the top string teaching organizations in the United States. Memberships in these organizations provides continuing education opportunities, resources for enhancement of teaching skills, and opportunities for student participation in festivals and institutes.
Studio expenses:
  • Printing, copying, paper costs, ink, incentive programs, software, instrument repair, etc.
Music books and copies:
  • Lake Country Strings continually seeks to expand its musical library for references and curriculum development.
Self-employment tax, retirement, insurance:
  • Independent studio owners have no corporation to assist in the costs of various insurances and retirement savings by matching funds. Tuition helps to cover the higher living expenses to a independent studio owner.
Continuing education:
  • Lake Country Strings participates in a variety of continuing education opportunities each year. These opportunities are important to keep teaching fresh and current in trends, curriculum, and teaching ideas.
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